Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Open letter to online stores

Dear Stores,

Thank you for your response to my letter, I do hope you are well.
Unfortunately my addiction has not quelled and I continue to buy on an almost daily basis.

That aside I'd like to thank you ASOS Curve for your translation of high fashion. Thank you for high street prices and models in sizes that are easier for me to understand.

Thank you forever 21 for listing the dimensions of 1X there are some days you see when I'm closer to 2 I'm glad I know what measurement it is that makes that true!

Thank you Evans for your delivery today, I'm glad it was free after I'd spent £40 On my good deed.

So thank you, thank you thank you. Thanking you once again. My amazon list is more full than ever but I'm planning to be plus sized forever

Yours sincerely,
10page amazon wish lister xxx

P.S Can you see that this stuff goes on sale on payday at 80% off, with free delivery in size 1X/UK18?


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Open letter to online stores

While I love shopping online I MUST write all online plus stores this open letter!

Dear Shops,

I do hope you're well, you're one of the few places that has my attention on a daily basis. The only place in which my addiction will quell.

I'd like to ask you though, to please show all items on models of bigger sizes. Its no good having a piece of clothing on sale in sizes 8-32 if the model in the picture is a 2. Please show us what it looks like in bigger sizes. I personally feel curves are easier on the eyes, but more importantly the cut changes so us examples of all sizes in your ranges.

Better still,  list the dimensions of the piece (in larger sizes) so that we can better work out on what size we should feast.

Services have been set up like dressipi to help us decipher what size we are in different stores... Isn't that a message that we need your help to buy more?

Another thing, please ship for free if you're going to take more than 3 days. We'll pay more if we need it today or tomorrow, but why cause us extended sorrow if we didn't pay for it to arrive the next day?

Yours sincerely,
Shopaholic: went cold turkey for the winter but with full amazon wishlist ...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Online Shopping Shipping

As a plus sized sister, I find that often the best way to find the clothes you like is to shop online.  Here's comparing some of the UKs best plus sized fashion sources shipping. One of the questions is - how long is it going to take to get here, and how much is THAT going to cost: 

Evans / Style 369 - while I tend not to like the "fit" of the clothes here (they assume a very odd shape indeed) - they offer free  standard (3-5 working days) delivery on Style 369 and nominated day delivery at £5 for a week day £7.50 on the weekend. Standard Delivery on Evans is £4.00.
Very - love the fit and the fact that their main brands stretch to a UK24. So fabulous stocks up to size 32 in some fashions. Very offers next day delivery at £3.95 nominated day delivery is £4.95 you can even have it delivered to a collect + location for free (which arrives the next day too!)

Forever 21- I have been in love with faith 21 and forever 21+ since I first stumbled across it at crabtree mall in NC. Since they opened stores in the UK (3) only one has a very measly plus section, the perk- the full range at amazing prices online! Delivery is free over £50! £3.95 for standard delivery which takes between 2 and 4 days, £4.95 for express delivery between 1 and 3 days. I'm not sure they've thought that through - and If I'm honest I've ordered things on a Sunday and had it by Tuesday before and I didn't pay that extra £1!
Simply Be, I love what they're trying to do. But delivery varies by the item you buy in my experience. Standard delivery is always at least £2.99 taking up to 6 days to arrive, next day is £3.99 nominated day delivery is £6.98 (Standard delivery + £3.99).
My favourite has to be ASOS, their curve line is generally generous in sizing and a lovely fit. Their trend fashions are immaculate. Style saver delivery can take up to 6 days and is free (in my experience it never actually took 6 days), Standard Delivery is within 3 days at £3.95, Next day and nominated day delivery is £5.95, Evening next day delivery is £7.95

Keep us posted on your positive or negative shipping experiences!!!
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