Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Totally Unnecessary (but Common) Beauty Products & other Healthy Helpful Makeup Tips

While we love what the multi billion-dollar-a-year cosmetics industry has to offer, there are some products that aren’t very effective or worth the investment. Steer clear of the following five beauty product categories to keep your makeup regime and cosmetics budget looking good.

1. Foundation Primers
Foundation primers are said to smooth out the skin and prepare it for the application of foundation. However, most primers are made from silicone-based formulas, which can clog pores, and the results are negligible. Investing in quality cleansers and moisturizers will do more than any foundation primer.

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2. Toners
Toners are alcohol-based products that are intended to get rid of any additional traces of oil or makeup from your face after you wash it. However, alcohol is harsh on the skin. A good cleanser, often in conjunction with makeup remover, can easily eliminate all the makeup and dirt from your face, making a toner pretty much pointless.

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3. Cellulite Creams
The appearance of cellulite is caused by the connective tissue that separates the fat in our bodies from the dermis. Holes in the tissue cause fat to protrude through the tissue, creating a dimply appearance to the skin. While 80 to 90 percent of adult women have cellulite and wish they didn’t, no topical treatment can reduce body fat or change the structure of our connective tissue. Which means cellulite creams are about as effective as snake oil—regardless of what the price or promise.

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4. Lip Plumpers

Lip plumpers work one of two ways. They either boost collagen and maximize lip hydration through proprietary formulas or make blood vessels temporarily dilate by employing irritating agents like camphor or menthol. However, the results are minimal and temporary. A better bet is to keep lips moisturized with a lip balm and add a shimmery gloss to the center of your lips to create the appearance of enhanced fullness.

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5. Eye Creams
Unless you have very sensitive skin that’s prone to developing millia (small, hard keratin-filled cysts that are sometimes confused with whiteheads) or you want a targeted eye cream with different active ingredients than your moisturizer, there’s really no need for a separate eye product. Also, many eye creams do not contain sunscreen the way most moisturizers do, so if you do opt for a separate cream, make sure you’re taking precautions against sun damage around your eyes.
Everybody wants to look great. And sometimes, the secrets to looking great are hidden inside your own makeup toolbox. What lie inside your makeup kit are keys to staying beautiful.
Basic Makeup Tools for Girls One very important beauty tool you must have is the makeup sponge. Ideally, it should have the shape of a wedge with finer and flatter edges. The finer edge will be used to blend the foundation around the nose and jaw line, while the flatter edge will be used for the cheeks, forehead and chin.
Another beauty tool you must have is the powder brush. A powder brush works better than a sponge when dusting powder on. A powder brush gives you more control when dusting powder on. Leave a space, too, for several eyeshadow brushes and at least one eyeshadow sponge. An eyeshadow sponge is recommended when putting on eyeshadow that does not require much blending, or when highlighting the area of your brow bones.
Your basic makeup toolbox must also contain an all-in-one eyelash brush or comb. You will be using this to brush through your mascara-coated eyelashes so they become clump-free. Also, always keep a lip brush handy. This is a necessary tool to ensure that your lip area is fully covered by lip color. A lip brush may also soften the effect of your lip color, giving it a smooth finish.
Do not forget, too, to have a pair of eyebrow tweezers. Your tweezers must have pointed or slanted tips because such can hold the hair much better. You will be needing this when plucking out unwanted hair and reshaping your eyebrows to emphasize your eyes, making them stand-out and naturally beautiful.
Finally, always have an eyelash curler around. This is especially useful if you want eyelashes that look great even without putting mascara on!

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