Friday, September 23, 2011

Are you ready to be reborn?

The time had come in my life to look at my body in a new way. I don’t hate it – but I do often hide it and I cared 
too much about what others might have to say.

After some research following these four steps (consistently) does wonders for my self-esteem – maybe they’ll work for you!

Exercise: I honestly feel REALLY good and wonder to myself after body pump class why I skip it so often! Exercise is the best natural stress reliever and Yoga is definitely a fast track to contentment and calm.


Pampering: Hair, Nails, Pedicures, Eyebrows, Bikini wax, massage - When we look great we definitely feel great too, I've stopped saving them for special occasions.


Look at yourself Naked in the mirror, get used to what you see, learn to enjoy it and decide what you like the most. ;-)


Go Shopping!! I did some body shape and skin tone analysis to work out what shapes and colours make me look my best! Clothes are for enhancement - not covering up, and it was simple to find out how online.


After you’ve done all this you may not recognise the old you! It’s also time to throw out anything (or anyone) that does not fit the new confident and happy you – physically or mentally. “Let go of the lead balloons – they’ll only hold you back”. That goes for old jeans that haven’t fit since you were 17 too

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