Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Learning from a Hussey

I went to a Matthew Hussey seminar (/ sales pitch) to discuss how to "get the guy".

Now its funny - he was very attractive on stage - he in fact gave us all (yes all 105 of us) that little panty throb for a millisecond...he's trained himself to be very cocky, attractive and a charmer.

The main things I think I learnt were... Don't make things up! Sounds like Ruiz's "don't make assumptions" but again - we see the sexy guy and we assume immediately that he is in-fact EVERYTHING we've ever dreamed of, and therefore far too awesome so if he comes within a metre of us the only option is to *RUN!!!*

Second to this - shop for a man like you'd shop for shoes. DON'T settle. If you want black pumps, you go to clarks or even Kurt Geiger to find quality beautiful pumps. You tend NOT to go to Forever 21 or Primark unless you intend to just throw them away after a couple of wears. And if you were looking for red pumps, you don't buy (esp not at £200) a pair of pumps in black! Decide specifically what it is you want, and only go for that! Have a list of dealbreakers if you must ;-).

And third thing I learnt is don't settle ... Why? Because despite authors and feminists even saying "oo settle for mr good enough - give men a break" excuse me? No one gave me a break. Why does he deserve a break? The world persecutes me for even being single - why doesn't someone give ME a break (rant done) my point is, you will be more fulfilled and happy if you wait for what you really want even if you have to wait a long time - always doing your best will mean you'll enjoy the ride at least. If anyone ever told men to "settle for ms. Good enough" men would tell them a resounding "feck off".

So my ladies - go forth and conquer!

(if you'd like to know how I found the rest of the seminar let me know). Xxx

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