Friday, December 2, 2011

Do I know too well what I'm looking for?!

Theres a girl who started a facebook group to promote Caribbean networking- which is like caribbean heritage people dating. Right anyway, we waited ages for an event to come up and one did come up.

So its comedy and canapes and then a club style thing.

Anyway its £15 and in Fulham.

So now I feel like its too expensive and also far away. (I'm a south Londoner)

On top of that there's nothing to make it equal numbers of men and women and I just get the feeling (as this happens with normal singles events) that its going to be lady heavy.

So let me explain why its even worse - 50% of west indian men date outside their race anyway - and then some of whats left is gay, incarcerated or unemployed - it doesnt leave alot of men left esp if we then cut out all the ones who arent the above... then there will need to be something MAJOR that makes it equal.

I decided I'm not going to the event - but its funny - I've read lots of books which explain to me why I'm single - and I do get scared if I'm honest because the people that think I'm amazing only know so because they know me... I dont know where to go to meet people etc.

Friends tell me that they meet partners at work / uni, through friends or networking  - I work at a mainly female / gay establishment and sector... the odds are out!

What do you think?


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