Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't take anything personally.

Ok the second agreement - I said in my post ahead that I was discussing the 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. And the second is not to take anything personally.

I made the point that what people do and say, is about them (and their dream and belief) and NOT about you. Even when it is feedback - It is a matter of their opinion with regard to the item they are "feeding back" on.

Now in the spirit of not taking things personally you may want to analyse what people say to ensure that there isn't a needed take home message - but in general -there isn't.

Now its very hard not to be infuriated on a daily basis - frustrated for lack of a more reflective word - for how inconsiderate people are!!! However its like those stories you hear, you're *blinding* about a woman who cut you up on the motorway - when the reason she's blazing through is because she's late to pick up her son and had a bad day. Its absolutely NOTHING to do with you, the kind of car you have or because she's seen you with her husband (btw if its the last one, he won't leave you for her - its about him, not you, him having his cake, eating it and obtaining seconds with his greedy self).

You see, everything anyone (including you) says or does is about them and not about the action or the person its directed to. When you pay someone a compliment - you have motives for doing so. And others have motives for doing so too.

I'm not saying we should reject compliments - but respond in a way that reflects you (impeccable with your word ladies!!) And when people are nasty - realise there is something about their prerogative that is causing them to spew poison - that the poison is about them and not you.

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