Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Healthy With AdoraOm

Hello Everyone,

I'm on a journey to get fit. I've decided that I'm way too young have the health problems that I do. Most of my health challenges are genetic, but that's no excuse to be unhealthy. I'm able to reverse some of the diagnosis if I can get my health under control.

So I joined a fitness club! I've been working out and my stress levels have decreased dramatically. One problem that I was having was with my wardrobe. I love to still look good while I'm working

I'm in luck! AdoraOm reached out to me and sent a wonderful set for me to test drive.

A while a go I wrote a post about their line and I can truly say that their products live up to their words.

I received the My Game Face Top and the All About Me Capri

I never once had to worry about my clothes while I was working out. I didn't have to pull up my pants, or tug down my shirt. The materials felt amazing against my skin, and so comfortable. The strategically placed mesh panels on the sides and in the back helped me not to overheat. I never felt uncomfortably hot in the top or pants. The mesh panels really helps control how much you sweat. I also really like the little pocket in the lining of the pants, I put my keys there. AdoraOm has truly created a product that enables you to get a full work out without worrying what you look like. They take care of that for you. I think I looked pretty cute today ; ). 

Here are some photos: (please excuse the hair, I worked out hard!

I will be doing a video tomorrow and posting it this week! Thanks AdoraOm! I love it.

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