Monday, January 23, 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Stripper to go.

This is nail varnish remover that I got in my glossy box in December; looked ingenious - thought I'd give it a go.
The website claims: 

"- Award winning lavender lacquer remover in individual finger-tip mitts. 
- Nail lacquer remover containing, aloe vera to prevent dehydration, and lavender. 
- Lavender leaves a gentle scent on the skin, while protecting delicate cuticle with its natural anti-bacterial properties. 
- One mitt cleans all ten nails. 
- Six mitts per box. "

Seems like an excellent idea - I managed to get to nail 7 before I couldn't make it go any more - so no I didn't get to the full 10 nails. Bare in mind though that I often put about 3/4 coats of nail varnish on each nail.

1 x base coat 2 x colour 1 x top coat.

Smelt lovely - better than the usual I don't like the slimy feeling you get after some of these high end nail varnish removers - I ended up washing it off (apparently that's aloe vera though). Just concerned that it didn't go very far for the price!! £14 a box from House of Fraser, it gives you 6 mitts and considering that it only got me to nail 6/7 - I'd need 2 per week - so it'd only last me 3 weeks.

Despite all of the "white space" left on the mitt - I absolutely couldn't get any more of my nail varnish off with it!! *argh*

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