Thursday, July 28, 2011

We misconceive ourselves!?

I caught myself telling a male friend I didn't have any "observations on men, because I have no men".

I better wipe my mouth - the b*llsh*t is still hanging out. 

I'm hot! How do I know? I get attention (from myself and others ;-)), women scowl (you know you look good when they look at you vex for no reason) and the confident can't help but smile with you in recognition that you feel the same.

I hear my friends say the same "I'm never taken seriously", "I'm funny and good company but not for dating apparently", "I'm always suffering rejection". Ladies we don't even need to seek the niche any more... Men who love larger women are out there and they are in love with every part of you. 

Understand he's going to be mature minded, wholesome and seeking a queen! Make sure you're that empress ready for her throne with all the confidence, grandeur and regal air you deserve to possess!

You attract what you want when you act like it.

There's the CEO of MAGE Pictures (film producer), Mr OH Yes (erotic blogger), and Reubenesq (cartoonist/artist) who have gone as far as to blog tweet draw and scream to the world about their love for "women worth their weight". 

Men love you ladies - get used to it!!!

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