Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weight Loss: Gidgets, Gadgets and Fads

 We have all seen it. The 2am info-mercials or the ad in our favorite magazine. Some perfectly toned and trimmed model with wash board abs is showing you the newest pill or exercise machine that will help you lose weight and trim your waste in no time!  We at some point have probably tried them as well. Everybody likes fast results with little effort so why not give it a try right? Wrong. I'm not saying these products don't work. A lot of these things are celebrity endorsed for a reason. Either a celebrity has tried it and liked it, or a celebrity is getting paid a lot of money to say that like it, so it will appeal to you and you will buy it. Take Jennifer Hudson for example. She is the face of Weight Watchers right now. She tried it had great results. Now in my personal opinion it worked a little too well. I don't think she should be that small, its almost un natural looking. I don't want to use the term crack head but its the only thing that fits. She looks a little Tyrone Biggum-ish. But hey, if you like it sistah girl I love it, she can still sang like no body's business.  (No I'm not calling her a crack head I'm just saying the dramatic weight loss is what they would call the "crack effect" in the hood)  next take Kirste Alley. She was the face of Jenny Craig- as long as it was working for her. Again I'm not saying these products don't work. I have not tried them all to say they do or don't work. I am not endorsing or bashing anyone or anything here. All I can do is tell you what I have tried and what worked for me.
First we have to understand that everything doesn't work for everybody. Next everybody doesn't have the same drive and motivation to make everything work for them. I spoke with a few women who tried Jenny Craig. They either didn't have the money, or they felt the program was going too slow so they weren't motivated to stay committed and make it work for them. The same with weight watchers, and various other weight loss supplements and pills. Next we have to realize that no matter what the ads try to sell you, nothing is going to happen over night. Trust me if there was some one time instant results, weight loss product, someone would have discovered it and we would all be supermodels. Anything that you try, is going to require that you put forth an effort. Its also requires you to be consistent. Think about it, in order for your lights at home to be kept on you have to consistently pay the bill. In order for you to keep paying the bill, you have to consistently go to work to earn the paycheck. The same rules apply when it comes to diet and exercise.

I have tried a few products, that I know for a fact work. The shake weight, it does work.  After a few minutes of using this I did begin to feel it in my arms all over. After consistently using it 2-3 times per week for about a month I did notice my arms felt stronger and did look more toned. However just like with anything else when you slack off the results fade. Another product I tried was the ab circle pro. Again when I used this the first time, I did get a good cardio workout. I also felt it in my abs, hips and thighs. Also like with the shake weight, when I used it consistently I did see results. And also like the shake weight, when I made excuses not to use it for what ever reason the results faded. Since then I have incorporated, a treadmill, resistance bands and an exercise ball to my workout room. However, it doesn't matter how many of these or other products that you put in a room with the intent to use, if you don't actually use them, nothing will change. Nobody else can motivate you to get up and get moving but you.  So you don't have the money to buy lots of equipment. Here us something that's free. you have a radio, a cell phone something that plays music. Dance! Why pay all that money to take a zumba class when you can turn on your music at home and dance your heart out in the privacy of your own home. Turn on a fan and get your Beyonce on!

No matter what you try, don't get caught up in the hype. You still have to work hard and consistency is always key. Once you make it a part of you, it will get a lot easier to do and keep as a regular life style change. Not to mention results are always motivation to keep going. Last thing to remember, shop around. Its a recession honey. We spend most of our day on line anyway. Network, research, and google away to find the best deals on the best products. Remember if money is an issue (like it is for almost everybody) go the old fashioned route, walk around the block, run around after your kids. Make it fun, get a buddy make it a party. Lets all help each other to be healthier and stay beautiful!

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