Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fat people: Desperate

Stupes, don't know who he's smiling at !!! 

Wait, what? Who are you talking about?

Ladies in the caribbean have told me (it happens in the UK too) that the men that are interested in them - are sub standard.

I've met men (interested in voluptuous ladies)  from both camps - the "crazy" camp, and the "good evening sir and how might I help YOU and your fine self" camp.

This is my theory, people of the west indies especially small islands like Barbados or Trinidad feel as though you are entitled to their opinion - it may feel isolated but they taunt everyone they can shake a stick at!

The majority of men however are calling what they see - and don't realise the problem with it. [Post soon to come re: fat n angry] and the in the majority of cases they feel letting you know you have to settle for them because the sexy men don't want you is actually doing both you and him a favour so that you accept them (they know they're unacceptable).

I'll have you know ladies - that while yes, I've had men shout obnoxious things on both sides of the Atlantic - there is actually a decent camp of men who love us fuller figured  women.

They are just not obnoxious enough to shout it in public, tease you about it and they certainly don't think you have low self esteem.
In fact, sometimes they're reserved perhaps a little shy despite being "all man" in other departments and cannot work out how to get close to you and to know your royal highness (I'm not even joking). They don't believe in Cat Calling - as they are aware that its less flattering than a cold call at best. These men will often plan their pursuit to begin with friendship at least so you don't reject them from the outset. 

Something I want to add though ladies, is that skinny, marga, slim ladies get hollaed at too, by even more "crazies" and often with the same degrading kind of cat call - please don't feel victimised - continue to simply discount them from the list of people that matter.

And another note (I'm guilty of this) I personally feel sexier with tall stocky men (5"10+) but for those ladies who are going to be a little more broad minded there are plenty of men 5"5-10 who may be super slim who experience what we do without any of the fervent attention - over looked (no pun intended :s)  for their height or weight, I don't understand why this is so important.

So I urge you to try it! Consider it! Let me know how it goes!! (P.S- I have tried it - before anyone pics up fruit to throw)

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  1. Great Post. Can relate. However, it not only caribbean mean but African men are famous for thing as well.

    And to be honest I almost fall in that trap.


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