Thursday, August 25, 2011

When I say, "take care" I mean it.

Fruit+ Cake =Smart :D

Don't worry! I'm not about to give you links to slimming pills or even advertise the latest diet.

I'm not even going to assume that you don't know that careful eating and consistent exercise will help you loose weight (if that was your aim) and will benefit your health.

We should be aware of PCOS - short for poly cystic ovary syndrome  which causes sub-fertility amongst other issues such as excessive hair growth and depression.

The wiki says: The principal features are obesity, anovulation (resulting in irregular menstruation or a loss of it altogether), acne, and excessive amounts or effects of androgenic (masculinizing) hormones.

 While the causes are unknown, insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity are all strongly correlated with PCOS - but its diagnosis while incurable is still not an excuse for not taking good care of ourselves.

Starting with both physical and emotional health and appearance. So that we're breathing without hindrance, able to frolick in the woods and able to enjoy a good book without torment.

A old friend of mine got to the point where she couldn't have sex comfortably. Hearing that sent me to the gym quicker than you can say "fries".

Do YOU want a body like this?: Not really
We can help ourselves by ensuring we keep healthy and exercise. No one mentioned weight loss, and unless you're suffering heart, kidney or specific weight baring joint pain- weight in itself bares little relevance to overall health.

Ok before everyone clicks away in fear - the moral of the story is : love yourself enough to take care of yourself, so that you don't loose control (in any context). 

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