Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Working It Out At Work

Unless you have a job that you love going to every day that you enjoy so much you can do without getting paid, you are in the same category of most all Americans.Work is a bore, but you do it to get money. (In this economy you do it cause you know your one of the lucky ones to have a job) We all get tired though. I have a career and I love what I do, but some days I'm so over dealing with people all I need is a good enough reason to get on one. Once I'm in "I wish a mutha would" mode its all bad for everybody!

Knowing that we all have this attitude towards work, its safe to say most all people have the same attitude towards working out. Think about it, if we could all get paid with out going to work, we would love it. We love that check that we get on payday its the extra stuff we have to deal with through out the week, and the work we have to put in that sometimes gets us down. The same with exercise if we could all be fit and trim without working out and eating right, who wouldn't want that? That's why diet pills are so popular, one of their biggest gimmicks to sell, is that you don't have to change your eating habits or lifestyle yet you can loose the weight. Well the truth is nothing comes with out hard work. Whether it be a pay check or weight loss you have to put forth an effort and be consistent in that effort to see lasting results.

So I decided to put the two together. I know your thinking: two things nobody really wants to do, why would you combine them? I will tell you. First, I'm a single parent. While I have put some money into getting the equipment that I need in my home to work out, I have two smaller kids. I get back to my city from work about 6pm, once I get the kids from daycare and baby sitters and get home another hour has passed. I have to fix dinner, get the kids in the tub and in the bed. Now its about 9pm. I'm dead dog tired. Every now and then while dinner is cooking or the kids are watching TV I try to get in a work out, but it never works. One or both of them follow and my work outs are interrupted with 'stop that, get off the machine its not a toy, go watch TV, don't hit your sister." (you get the point) So I thought about it. The only time that I don't have that interruption is at work. Now while I don't have time to get a full work out in, I can take small steps that can go a long way.

First: Take the Stairs.  I know it sounds cliche but it works. Don't just walk the stairs, depending on how many flights there are run, or a light jog. This will give you a quick acceleration of your heart beat. I only have two floors at my job but I make it a point to go up and down the stairs at least two times outside of me coming and going from work.

Second: Utilize your bathroom breaks. I drink a lot of water and tea through out the day. That means I'm up and down in the bathroom a lot. Sometimes I get tired of going to the bathroom so I hold it until I almost pee on myself. (Don't judge me)  I take that time to do squats and leg lifts. These are both good core exercises and squats also work your thighs and butts.(I'm trying to get my Serena Williams on by next summer) After I handle my bidness (lol) I let the water run and do 1 set of 15 squats and 2 sets of leg lifts. It takes about 45 seconds to a minute, then I wash my hands and I'm done. I use the bathroom at work about 4-5 times a day that's about 60-75 squats a day 5 days a week. The leg lift are simple standing straight up raise one leg in front of your to 90 degrees. Pulling your stomach in hold it for 5-10 seconds. Switch legs and repeat. You will start to feel it in your thighs and your should feel it in your stomach or abs since your strengthening those muscles.
Third: manage your desk time. There are days when I'm in the back office and days when I'm at the front desk. On the days when I'm sitting at the front desk I have a little squishy ball. Its a small kids ball a little bigger than a tennis ball. Holding it in front of my chest with both hands I push it together for 5 seconds. Its a toning exercise, that I can repeat though out the day in sets of 3. You will feel it in your arms and chest.

The only other time that I can get a good work out in is either before the kids wake up early in the morning and after they go to bed late at night. Even though at both times I'm usually beyond tired, getting back in shape is very important to me and vital to my overall health, so I make time for it. Besides if your at an overall healthier weight you don't feel sluggish, you have more energy, and its not as hard to work out as you get used to it.

There are lots of other exercises that you can incorporate throughout the day that if done consistently will go a long way. Try these for a while and let me know how and if they work for you.

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