Thursday, December 15, 2011

Boots For Any Style

If your like me you love shoes. I love heels, but coming from a family dominated by men I love tennis shoes as well. When I shop for heels I always look for one main thing, (besides how cute the shoe is.) Is the shoe versatile- meaning can I dress it up and dress it down. As I said I'm a tom-boy at heart so while jeans and a t- shirt is comfortable, if I want to change up my look with out changing clothes, I can just switch out my J's for a cute pair of heels, and just like that I go from casual fly to sexy! With all the different styles of jeans you can always find a good look. Boots are a classic versatile shoe. I found a few pairs on that play up not only different styles but they have a fur detail, that will look great with cropped pants or a skinny look. Not only are they super cute, but they are marked down from $70 to $29.99. The first shoe is the Jessica 8 high heel bootie in black it also comes in tan, brown and gray.

Both of these boots, are by Golden Island Footwear. The Angela 15 fur boot in brown has a super cute bow and chain detail. For those of us that like accessories and a little bling, this shoe is perfect . Another thing that I look for in a shoe is how comfortable it is to walk in. A lot of shoes with a little platform heel on the bottom, like this one, are more comfortable. I LOVE a platform shoe. Not only does it add a little extra height for those of us who are vertically challenged. It also takes some of the pressure off the balls of your feet when your walking.

The event for these shoes on beyond the rack ends in about two hours, but as I said before the featured item can appear in more than one event. So browse the site shop around. Its an invite only site, so click on the link to get access to amazing deals.

I wear a size 8 by the way in case anyone is in a giving mood. Tis the season! :)


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