Monday, December 5, 2011

Dressipi : Electronic Personal Stylist

I really like this idea! If only it could tell me where some more fuller sized were!

I've tried a few personal stylist sites - but this is the best I've seen so far!

It starts by asking you your height and weight :o!

Then your body proportions ...shoulders wider than hips, or equal or hips wider than shoulders

Chest and waist, large medium small and defined, round or undefined.

Then the magic begins, they give you, dresses, tops jeans and trousers and you pick a store and tell them what size you are for that store (this is because it can translate that stores sizing into another store and tell you what you are).

At this point I felt it all a bit personal, and was glad I wasn't having to tell this to an actual person... Thank god for science.

But then, you pick a start who you'd most like to dress like, how you spend your days and then what you'd like to wear on a girls night out. You then have to assess your confidence with buying clothes...

(Its not over yet)

After that you suggest 2 (out of 30) brands you buy or would most like to. Then you pick 4 out of 12 on the next page.

Then you're told what kind of style you have, and you're given the chance to rate their decision

You give them ur name, year of birth and country in which you live. And finally get to click finish!!!

The next button available is "start finding great fashion".

It give you your wardrobe must haves style wise (a dress, skirt, jacket, top, cardigan, jumper, trousers and jeans) it also tells you the styles for each one to avoid!

You can tell it even more! Colours you love and hate... Ur favourite brands and ones you hate!

If you then click perfect for you, it picks stuff from all over the high street and designer brands that is good for your size, shape, colour, style and you can adjust the cost so it even suits your pocket!

You can then rate your recommendations to make them even more accurate

It does so much more and it will definitely help you make choices when shopping!  I love the site - but try it out, it might take a few minutes but it surely is fun if nothing else!! Xx

P.S Promise to share with you my favourite bits and bobs! 

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  1. Do you have a link? Do they ship to Sweden?



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