Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The first agreement is ... That you should be impeccable with your word.

This is from an inspirational book by ... Don Miguel Ruiz which has 4 agreements.

I think this one is particularly helpful to us, "Its a full time job to reject the messaging that gets heaped upon us about whether or not we look attractive" (how dating is ruining our love lives) now I know that we're a group of serious hot tamale - we don't need the TV or anyone else for that matter to tell us otherwise.

So being impeccable with our word, means we ONLY say positive things, to ourselves and others. Now this takes some practice...

According to Don Miguel - we all have our own dream. This is not what we aspire to, but the existence that we live, we have a set of beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in.  And we grow up to believe that what we're dreaming is real (stay with me- not like the matrix at all).
Have you ever had... When you were young ... A relative or something tell you something negative about yourself and you internalised it and carried it and believed it. Like my gran once told me I'd never be as gorgeous as my mum was because I have too much of my dad in me. Now she said that at 13, this is how wrong she is - 1. If me and my mum stand profile in pictures people think its camera trickery (and that we're one and the same person) 2. Actually the general public  would have me believe that I'm prettier than my mum because people LOVE my lips (that I got from my dad) compared to my mums thinner less pronounced ones.

Ruiz says that whatever they told you, is about them... Not you and its up to you not to take it on (another chapter of the book) but being impeccable with your word means you don't give out any of that poison (ruiz calls it magic) either - not to yourself nor anyone else.

Break the negative projections in your current "dream", and only reinforce the ones that you want in your are in full control of your dream.

It helps at work too, with responding to dissonance. When people write you emails  to what seems like an attempt to deliberately rile you. You become expert at answering the question without emotion and you may even add a little spice by "killing it with kindness".

We're not talking about being smug (although when you kill anything with kindness you can't help but glow at your own nobility) but actual a self proclaimed self assurance of the world around us being a positive place. Even the bible professes to tell us we should live heaven on earth - seems impossible with what is going on - but it simply means a higher level of thought where your faith(s) are maintained by your impeccable word.

This also means an end to gossip, apparently we have modern language to thank gossip for but its continuum must stop here- it is simply poison transfer and we need absolutely no part in it.

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