Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The fourth and final agreement.

And finally - the last agreement from Ruiz! Always do your best!

Sounds simple - but it truly helps you get past all of your regrets! Why? Because if at all times you do your best to the best of your knowledge and the best of your ability you can never feel that you wasted time, and you'd also never regret anything.

Let's talk about : Fitness (no groaning now) basically you know when you set in your mind that you're going to the gym 4 days this week for 30mins, and you don't do your best and you only go twice - and goal date edges nearer -and you haven't lost any weight or inches-  all the anxiety - the resulting binge and trash talk in front of the TV, could all be avoided ... If you just went the 4 or even 5 days and felt all prissy and proud of yourself afterward.

Doing less than our best leads to self punishment, shame and frustrations.

Ruiz states too that we should do no more than our best. We shouldn't be exhausted - we just do our best! Don't just labour for an insuperable amount of time- if you could do your best in 2 hrs - then do 2 hrs then put it down don't labour on for 8!

Our best will also vary from day to day and even minute to minute based on our health, state of mind and environment - but once we do our best we need not worry.

So yes - its that simple - always do your best!

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