Friday, December 30, 2011

Full Figured News year in review

WOOOOOOW is all that I can say. Full Figured News has existed for about 6 months. We have grown in record numbers in a very short amount of time and that's all because of you! The reader, I've truly enjoyed getting to know everyone and sharing fashion and life.

So what's happened this year? Well We started in July and things crept by very slowly for a few months. Partially because I was truly dragging my feet and not pursing things the way that I should have.

I then began to reach out to people and share my ideas and thoughts about style. I also recruited some AMAZING writers to help on this journey. Full Figured News has a fabulous team and I'm so happy to have them!

I want to say a special thank you to Luxurious Locs who has done some great give-aways with us this year!

I'm looking forward to 2012, our publication will begin and we're already prepping for an amazing project to launch in 2013. So you can look forward to a lot of amazing give-aways, a lot more fashion, and some great lifestyle and advice post.

Now here are some great photos that I took in 2011 from events, fashion shows, photoshoots, and a few extra just thrown in.

On the Morning Blend in Milwaukee for Boutique Larrieux
With Plus Model Sue Hinkler, Boutique Larrieux Owner Lydia Hamilton and Plus Model Ajene
Floor Model for Boutique Larrieux's fabulous in store event
One of my all time favorite photos by the talented David Shepherd
Photo taken for Belle Boudoir
Modeling 2 b Continued Jeans for the Deztinni Fashion Show
Me and the Patricia Stewart the designer  behind Chinoo Designs
Wearing Chocolate Sushi Couture at the Thyck Troupe Fashion Show
Wearing Just Human Boots at the Thyck Troupe Fashion Show
Me at the "Maven Presents the Diva Series" function
Photo taken for the Frock Shop


I'm looking forward another amazing year! I just plan on doing it bigger and better. I'm so happy that you all are taking this journey with us! 


  1. Well, ma'am, you have had an AMAZING year! That plaid skirt is amazing as well. Happy New Year, bombshell! Onward and upward!


  2. It looks like you had an awesome year! I wish you the best here in 2012. Much love and many blessings!

    Also, congrats on being the Editor's Pick of the Day on =)

  3. Great blog. :) It's worth following :)


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