Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year and What I wore

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm so excited for 2012.. New Year, new lessons, new joys, and I'm sure there is a lot in store for us.

For New Years I went to a nice lounge with my bf and his family. Wonderful atmosphere, lovely drinks (they even had one called the "Voluptuous Vixen" and you know I had to try it!), great music, beautiful people. I was able to ring in the new year with a lot of dancing and fun.

I along with many others had to resort to scrambling during the day to find an outfit! I didn't realize that I had waited until the last minute..until well... the last minute.
So I took to one of my favorite stores to grab affordable and cute clothes from and that's Dots. It's also helpful that they're right down the street from  Here is the outfit that I put together:

My New Years Outift

Here is How I looked:

Me doing a shameless photo op while my bf brushes his teeth. He wasn't very happy with me after


  1. You look gorgeous and very festive! I like the pop of color in your top.


  2. Thank you! I like to play around with colors but I don't like to wear a million of them even though I've seen other people do it and look fabulous. I'm learning to be more adventurous because at first I was an all black


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