Saturday, December 3, 2011

Impartial Hair Review: K Hair Max Beauty

Hi Ladies, Everytime I try new hair I'm going to do a little review for you! [I'll also give you some weaving tips and tricks that I've learnt and tried along the way.]

These reviews will be on non pack hair - so the hair that you buy in bundles straight from companies. I think I'm also going to stick to UK companies to better serve my UK ladies and avoid the heafty shipping costs!
[I bought this hair with my own money and as a regular customer!!]

So first up - KHairMaxBeauty
I dont know too much about the company and was directed to them by a uni friend when I told her I was looking for a good Brazilian hair stockist.
The bag that all the hair arrives in, (tied with elastic at the top and a band to tell you what length and type it is) and the enclosed hair instructions card.
Wearing it curly
I have had this installed for 7 weeks so far.

I bought it from their stratford office on the 14th October and installed after washing and conditioning on the 15th. I've been wearing it since as a full sew in with my edges and a slight side part "out" I bought 2 bundles of 14 (one looked very small) and 1 of 16. I tried to dye the 16 red - it basically failed to take.
When I washed it - a dark brown musty colour came out...???! (of the rest of the hair)
It had a slightly different curl pattern after washing but this one is the one it maintains.
Curls (with a wand) stay longer than in other hair but drop still ... It holds its own wave. Comes out a kind of "buffy" straight when you blow dry it. Straightens nicely with flat irons.

  • Love the texture - it blends beautifully doesn't have too much of that give away weave shine but is still soft and lightly shiny.
  • Its in good condition (the first bundles) it hasn't been dry or frazzled at all ! I didnt have to do any more conditioning nor use any other products for moisture.
  • No matting in my experience.
  • In between I've just been conditioning after every "wash" or rinse with Tresemme intense moisture conditioner.
  • My style has held up between washes
  • Its only now getting too wobbly (due to regrowth)!
  • Still looks really natural
  • Tangling is very minimal
  • Its the cheapest I've seen on the market
Blowdried out
  • Now esp the last couple weeks - it sheds ... Not as much as when I've had cut wefts on other hair so I can cope with it. I get loads of hair in my brush after brushing, a few strands to get rid of over the sink...a couple strands to pull off my clothes during the day...and a few out of my scarf too.
  • It feels kinda thin for 3 bundles. (Maybe that's only because of all the shedding) I have 3 whole bundles on my headpeice! I'm beginning to see why people buy 4-6 bundles but that's just too expensive and a little too mad for me.
  • I bought an 18 inch, they delivered it, it was nasty and frazzled especially the ends I even got my Filipino friend to touch my hair (which had been in for a month) and then the new one out of the package to see I wasn't going mad. I wasn't sure about their returns policy so I tried to revive it. I *think* it worked. (Used the conditioning method with the microwave and a hella amount of conditioner)
The hair - pre install, post condition natural colour and curl pattern (brazilian body wave)

Anyway the reason I bothered is that it was 20% off and a promise of a card which meant we'd get 10% off all future purchases.

Well I'm yet to receive (and its over a month later) the card for 10% off.

With all the shedding and the fact I have to wait til week 8 (as that's when I get paid O_O) to take it out.  I am not entirely sure there will be enough on each weft for me to be able to reinstall this hair.

KHairMaxBeauty seemed so excited about their count down to Nigeria, that they forgot about providing decent customer service in the UK.

They've now missed out on £100 now because I'm going to try other UK hair companies :-)

L-R: My ends (installed for 7 weeks), The wefts and beards, The weft from above, The ends of the 18 inch I bought post conditioner and frizz ease night serum (and brushed)


  1. Love these tips... I've been wanting to get a weave for so long, but can't afford it now. I know a few girls that can cornrow my hair but not sew-in... would you recommend glue in? I've heard it's really hard to get out...

    Nice blog :)

  2. You know what - if anyone had told me I'd be getting a weave back when I was at uni I'd have back hand slapped em in the jaw. I worked out it was possible to get a "realistic" one thats really nice.

    If you are conscious of damaging your hair - I'd shy away from Glue - just because its not hard to get out but its not the best stuff for your hair and scalp.

    Sewing in is actually really easy!! Check out youtube for hints tips and how tos -they're all there! Holla at me if you need any more help - Chae


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