Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hot Fall Fad: Fedora's

The Fedora is a classic piece that never goes out of style. It can be dressed up or down with heels and jeans or jeans and t-shirt. I love the fedora cause its something anybody can incorporate into their style. No matter what your personal style is the fedora is a good fit. Also its works great with either gender.

A black fedora is always a win. Its can be over or understated and goes well with anything. Not to mention for women it looks great with long or short hair. With a lot of other older fads coming back around this season this is the perfect time to play up your style with a new hat. This look doesn't have to be all dark. Throw in some color. I found this gorgeous purple fedora the other day at Target. Its the perfect finish with a little back dress and blazer, or jeans and dressy shirt. Play around with different patterns and material. This hat gives instant swag to any outfit.


  1. I've been looking for the perfect fall hat for a while now and I love fedoras! :)

  2. The one hat that never goes out of style! :)


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