Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Say No- To Resolutions

We all do it, every year we make a list of new years resolutions. Most of us start strong, but by Martin Luther King Jr. day, we are back to where we were the previous year. It's almost always the same thing every year too: I'm going to lose weight, I'm going to manage my money better, I'm going to climb the corporate ladder at work, blah blah blah. Its old. Stop making the same list.The fact that the same resolutions keep re-appearing means your not making progress. The problem with these resolutions is we put so much pressure on ourselves to do these things, then when we don't, we get mad. The reality is we have no one to blame but us. Life happens, things that we can't control happens and throws a monkey wrench in our well thought out lists of resolutions.

I'm not making any more new years resolutions. Rather, I am just adapting a new outlook to my life. Its quite simple- Just Do It! Yes the Nike concept. Its so easy a cave man really can do it. JUST DO IT!! The more energy we put into planning and thinking it through the easier it is to find reasons not to do it, or put it on the back burner. It consumes so much of your mental time that when you go to put the physical work in, your already tired. No matter what it is you want to do, just get up and do it. Making a list-while it can be helpful- really only restricts you and puts you on a deadline. It makes you feel obligated, versus you doing it because you want to. Anything that you want to do and your serious about, you will invest the time and effort to get it done. Just remember that things happen. Someone might get sick, you might get sick, the car may break down. If you don't box your self into a list and just do the things you want, you wont feel so over whelmed when life happens. If I put myself on a schedule to work out everyday, it will mentally drain me trying to plan my day around finding time to do this. If I just do the best I can everyday, who cares if I only get a 30 minute workout in one day because I had to work late. I can always make up for it another day when I have more time.

So if your still one of those people who need a list. Take a sheet of paper and write "Just Do It" on it, stick it on your fridge and get to doing it already!


  1. Love this and you're so right! I did away with resolutions as well and decided to actively change my life NOW.

  2. Right! And who says we have to wait for a new year. There has never been a more perfect time than now!


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