Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Shoe" In The New Year!

I know almost everyone has their outfit and accessories picked out for the New Years Eve event/party or what ever shindig your attending this year. However for the last minute shoppers who are still looking for the perfect shoe to complete your look, I may have your answer. Charlotte Russe is having a major sale right now on shoes. Priced around $40, you buy one pair and get the other pair for $15.50. You can't beat that!! I posted a few of my favorite pairs from the site. Check em out I'm sure you can find a pair to complete your outfit.
One of my favorite looks for this winter is a glittery shoe. Like the Take A Bow Glitter Pump (top picture) and the Glitter Color Block Pump. These are both sexy with the right amount of softness. For a more bold look the Knotted Velvet Platform Pump in a rich purple, blue or green will add a splash of color for that little black dress that every girl has to have.

Red has been a big staple this year as well. A lady in red is always a head turner at a party. For any style these two shoes will be a hit. The Satin Corset Peep Toe is super sexy. As well as the Lace-up side Suede Bootie.
A few of these other shoes were just too cute not to add to the list. Whether you get them to wear for a party or just to have in your collection, you need them in your life. I will be taking a trip to the mall tomorrow to get me a few of them. The Wild Thing Mixed Platform is just that, wild. It has a little bit of everything going on and I love it! Lastly one of my favorites-the Satin Ankle Bow Suede Pump is just classy and elegant and a must have for any shoe fanatic. Remember to send us pics of your outfit and shoes!

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!


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