Thursday, December 22, 2011

Size discrimination within the full figured community

audreylongshrug 564 222x300 IGIGI Presents 16 Starring Plus Model Fluvia Lacerda
Fluvia Lacerda
So many times I’ve heard women, yes our own full figured, curvy, and beautiful women make bad remarks about each other. According to some women, if you’re on the smaller end of the plus spectrum then you don’t count as a plus size woman.  Plus model Tocarra is constantly bad mouthed in the plus community. I wanted to speak out about it because I’m heading towards that end of spectrum for health purposes and I want to go further in my career. It’s no secret that most mainstream plus models range from a 12-16 and you only get to be a 16 if you’re tall. 

I also understand that what the industry considers to be plus size is really just the size of the average women. But when it comes to the industry there really is no in between.
Is a 12 plus size? Absolutely. There are 12’s that can’t go to mainstream stores or straight size boutiques and find anything in their size. They have the same issues that the rest of the community has and sometimes worse because some plus stores start at a size 14 or their 12s are just too big.

Where does plus size begin anyway? It all seems relative. If a size 8 wants to identify as plus sized, then I will happily invite her into the fold simply because I’m about size acceptance. Whether you’re a 2 or 32 you’re beautiful, and refuse to make you feel less than or have you feel that you don’t belong. 

How can we uplift each other if we’re perpetuating the same discrimination within our own community? Some want to be accepted but are so quick to exclude others.  

Okay now that I’m done with my ridiculous rant, here are some beautiful plus models! 

Toccara Jones



Wish I knew who this goddess was.

I can’t believe you don’t know her - Rosie Mercado of Miss Bellissima. STUNNER! She recently did a video for Igigi and was the face of Full Figured Fashion Week :)

Herp derp. Thank you, Lauren! x
Rosie Mercado
Velvet d'Amour photographed by Maya Guez
Velvet d'Amour
Jeannie Ferguson

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