Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here's Looking at You, BIG Girl!!!

People often ask me where I get my confidence from.  After all, how is it that a size 22 BIG Girl can be so bold, brash and in your face?

I started thinking about it and realized that although we live in a society that treasures youth and thinness, it is up to me to love myself.  I must pamper myself and treat myself right.

As a black women, I am never going to be right. I am going to be dismissed as loud, obnoxious, overly-educated and hardcore.  In saying this, I know that when others disrespect me, ridicule my weight, or try to act as if I do not exist, it is up to me to show them what a BIG Girl can do. 

I tell myself everyday that I am beautiful, engaging, intoxicating, daring, fierce and fabulous.  I tell myself that I am Precious and will accept nothing less than to be treated as inner confidence is not a front but a true belief in who and what I am.  This also has an effect on how others treat me.

So when I see a BIG Girl mistreating herself, I am usually right behind her, letting her know how great she is and her impact on the world.

As BIG Girls, we need to embrace who were are and what we contribute to the world.  Also, its more of us than it is of the skinny girls so we need to own our power.  We need to own our spaces.  We need to embrace the curves that GOD gave us and stop complaining about our weight.

Here's looking at you girl for all eyes are on you!!!  Since you know that, keep your eyes on the prize.

You are worthy of love, honor and respect.

You are the most beautiful creation GOD has ever created.  Remember, HE makes no mistakes...

Men love you.  Women love you and children do too.

Own your power.  Respect yourself.  Love who you are and be at peace with yourself.

All eyes on you...You ready for your close-up?

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  1. LOVE this!! I can totally relate! As a previous size 20 and a current 16 I play the role as mentor and role model to many overweight young girls. Honestly I feel like all overweight individuals need that guidance from another being to fully recognize how BEAUTIFUL they are and that no one can ever tell them differently! :)


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