Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"The problem with assumptions is that we believe they are the truth"!

Don't assume anything - Ruiz says "the problem with assumptions is that we believe they are the truth"!

Unfortunately it works like this: we make assumption - we misunderstand - take it personally- react by spreading poison (not being impeccable with our word).

All drama comes from assumptions and gossip (which I quite like calling poison right now) and so what if people are gossiping (about you or otherwise) 1. They are not being impeccable with their word and their words say a wholeeee lot about them and their insecurities and actually not so much about the subject of gossip and 2. You don't have to take it on, gossip dies down - you wouldn't be taking anything personally and it doesn't have to be a part of your "dream".

We also (ruiz points out) have a habit of making things up - and believing them. And when they turn out to be untrue we're upset and devastated. Its important in all areas of our lives not to make assumptions and to obtain clarification.

It seems about a lot of things (I'm particularly guilty) we are afraid of seeking clarification ***just in case*** its not in alignment with our "assumption" or fantasy about what it is. Even in relationships, we're scared of the "where are we going" talk and worry about disclosing the "I'd like a relationship" aspect.
The less we assume- the more peaceful and blissful our dreams can be - our actions will be based on truth not .. Well.. "Fluff"... That we just made... Like, just because ... It was easier than finding the truth at the outset.

So wait how is this relevant to us plus divas? Well esteem is the topic of so many of our posts so it must be an "issue" right.

How many times do we walk into a room (looking the bomb of course) and we think the men are looking at the skinny heiffer over thurr? Don't make assumptions (they're probably looking at you)!!! Don't take it personally (that they're skinny and the men are supposedly looking) and be impeccable with your word - go spread your glory and grace in speaking with some of the men. Some diamonds need to be seen up close to enjoy their true sparkle. ;-).

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