Thursday, January 12, 2012

Acne Treatments Proactiv vs Skin ID

I never really had a major problem with acne like a lot of my peers. I was on birth control almost as soon as I started having periods, because my periods have been abnormal since they started and birth control helped to regulate this. The birth control also helped to control my acne. Once I stopped birth control (once I could no longer afford it) I began to have break outs. They were worse around the time of my period, and then my skin after a few weeks would clear up. I would have some what clear skin, for about a week until it was that time of the month again. I decided to try Proactiv. Now to be fair, I don't think that I gave it a fair chance. Not by choice, but once I started using it two things happened. First, I began to break out more, than what I was before I started to use it. ( I would soon find out this was the case with most all acne medications; as all the dirt and oil beneath the surface had to come up.) Not only did it have a funky strong smell, it burned! The cleanser has little granules in it that feels like rocks are scrubbing my face, which wasn't so bad, but the toner liquid that you put on after that really burned my skin.

After about a month of using this and dealing with the dry skin feeling, two more things happened. My skin did begin to clear up, but I also found out I was pregnant. I had clear glowing skin my entire pregnancy, but I didn't know if I should attribute that to the proactive, or my hormones. I had clear glowing skin when I was pregnant with my daughter as well. I stopped using the proactive for a while, when my son was about one the breakouts started again. I tried to resume using it again, but it didn't seem to work as well. The break outs were still happening around the time of my period and they were even worse. So I decided to try Skin ID.

Skin ID, unlike Proactiv, is personalized for your skin problem. I have an oily t-zone. All day I'm constantly dabbing my forehead and nose because I can feel the oil sitting there. I also mainly get break outs on my cheeks and jaw line. (I have the phone to my ear a lot at work) It also still mainly happens around the time of my cycle. You are given a skin care assessment and sent customized products for your skin problem. The cleanser is gentle there are no harsh granules that scratch your skin. The toner gives my skin a tingling sensation like its working not a burning feeling. As with the Proactiv I did break out more when I started using it, however my break ups cleared up a lot faster. I also feel like my skin is clearer now.

In addition to skin ID I use Ambi fade cream for my dark spots--yes it really works. (I LOVE Ambi
products, they are designed for all shades of African American skin) As well as Ambi moisturizer with SPF 15 and sunscreen in it. These products help me to put my best face forward every day. Now I just have to nail down the best foundation...any suggestions??

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