Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keeping the weave lurvely...

3 things that you can do to keep your weave lookin' nice and "healthy" - now this goes for hair that is virgin ( Remy Brazilian Moroccan whatever… but has to be virgin).
1.      1.  Deep condition – quicker than you think!! Just take the hair – rinse it through (remove any debris) Put it in a ziplock or sandwich bag – leave the top of the wefts out saturate the hair with a mid range conditioner (one that actually does something) Frizz Ease, Tressemme that kind of thing. And then put the bag with the hair in it – in the microwave for 1 minute (or 30 seconds if you’re not feeling brave). Take the hair out after 30seconds – 1minute and leave it to cool. Then rinse the conditioner out in ice cold water
2.     2.   Co Wash it when ever you wash your own hair (and after the gym once a week its fine to wash it up to twice a week). Use the same conditioner as above – let it sit in your head for as long as you can cope with – and rinse with as cold a temperature of water as you can cope with!
3.     3.   Use IC gel to blend– for me – I wanted to love Olive Oil Edge control – but I found once I was more than 2 weeks post relaxer it did absolutely nothing to hold anything down and would even flake up – BUT Fantasia IC Gel (I have the Ice version) works wonders for me all the weeks through J It holds it down and doesn’t dry to leave your hair dry and bristly… it leaves you soft! Perfect blending!!!
(Tip 3 can be used for any kind of 100% human hair weave – doesn’t have to be the Remy or virgin kind! )


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