Monday, January 9, 2012

Why I Heart Raven Symone

In 2011, weight loss and healthier living was a movement among full figured celebrities. The gorgeous Jennifer Hudson, the fabulous Mo’Nique, the soul-stirring Jill Scott, and even American Idol alum, Ruben Studdard traded in their 3X blouses for slimmer bodies and chicer wardrobes.

Rich socialite and child actress Raven Symoné, was no exception. The famous Cosby Show star did not receive an endorsement deal from Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or any of the other popular loss systems; but with the assistance of a personal trainer and a nutritious diet, Symoné dropped several dress sizes and pounds. She proudly displayed her thinner figure on red carpets and in her new ABC Family series, “State of Georgia.”

Despite the fact that bloggers (I’m guilty), news sources, and the paparazzi made her stunning new figure front page news, Symoné refused to allow her weight loss to define her. She has not acknowledged how much weight she has lost and has not missed a beat – Symoné is as fabulous, vibrant, brilliant, and amazing as she had been before her scale numbers decreased.

That is the reason that we should all adore Miss Symoné – like I do. No full figured woman should be limited based on her weight. Look at Raven. She exploded onto our television screens and into our hearts as the adorable Olivia, Denise Huxtable’s step-daughter and she has been on the express train to success since the 90’s. 

With “That’s So Raven,” which ran from 2003 until 2007, she cemented her position in television history with the highest-rated series in the history of the network. “That’s So Raven" was the first series to produce a successful spinoff, "Cory in the House." If that weren't enough, it was the first original sitcom on the network to secure more than three-million viewers and the first Disney Channel original series to produce 100 episodes. Plus, it is one of only three Disney Channel original series where the lead and most of the supporting characters are African-American or of other minority backgrounds.

This amazing series, which focused on Raven as a teenager with psychic abilities, also cast her into the spotlight as a media mogul – she served as a producer on the show as well. Never allowing her size to be a deterrent, Raven has solidified her position as one of the most elite Hollywood power players under 30. I have the strange feeling that she's just getting started.

So, in 2012, live as Raven has done from the beginning – live, in color, and on the world’s stage. 

-Evette Dionne

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