Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hair Opinion (weave)

I was reluctant to do reviews on hair – but since there are fairly few UK reviewers of “hair” and there was a hair give away – I thought I’d share my experience.
I in general – keep my weaves in for 4 weeks (go to the salon a la pay day) and I don’t seal my wefts (not sure where to get the solvent to do it and that’s just a little bit too much work). If its cheap packaged hair I cut my wefts, if its expensive Remy or “Brazilian” hair – I don’t.  I will keep and re-use any Remy or Brazilian (and let you know how that goes) and I wash my (own) hair without fail every week with a co-wash the weave mid-week (due to gym usage).
Premium Plus – I didn’t like it – too much tangling / bunching (of the birds nest variety) especially when you get past about 12 inches (which face it - most of us do).  Didn’t even keep it for 3 weeks so I don’t know about curls it was tangling and shedding like a dirty dog. The wefts were cut. (14 and 16 inches)
Milky Way – I’ve got to love it – because I don’t keep it in for very long – begins to tangle about week 3 you (with care) can make it last ‘til week 4 and then I just take it out again anyway. It’s quite shiny – cheap but the shedding isn’t major, doesn’t hold a curl. I cut my wefts. (Different lengths tried between 8 and 16 inches).
Milky Way Saga Gold Remy – Lord have mercy – don’t do it. The shedding despite its high pack price – is MUCH worse than the Milky Way – Note though – I did cut and not seal my wefts. But I’ve seen hair that holds up a LOT better. Would probably hold up for a second  or third install if I could cope with the shedding- its pretty thick though. Doesn’t hold a curl – doesn’t really get tangled. It does LOOK good though – the compliments with this hair were rolling in… very easy to blend. (10 and 12 inches)
Janet Collection Indian Remy- Straight – Lovely lovely lovely, only thing is that it was high lustre (for me) really shiny blending was a logistical nightmare. I took it out on week 4 – because I needed a relaxer – but I could have used and used and used this hair again. Virtually no tangling – no shedding – didn’t really hold a curl though. I attracted lots of sexy men with this hair in! My wefts weren’t cut. (14 inches)
KHairMax Beauty – I was sent to this site by a good uni friend – (bless you cass) and I bought the Brazilian wavy – 2 bundles of 14 and one 16. OK I’m heading for week 3 not a tangle – little bit of shedding –holds a curl. I will say this though – I love this hair – it actually feels real (and makes the rest feel not real) be careful though – I bought an extra bundle of 18 and it doesn’t smell right and its dry on the ends – I took the hair and compared it to the hair on my head (you know the one heading for 3 weeks) and the hair in my head is softer. (I have deep conditioned it in the microwave though).  I will also say that while I love this hair much more than any other hair I’ve had – its NOT the best in the world (I’m yet to try whitney marie uk and uk hair weaves – mainly due to price and the need for 3 or 4 bundles). It is not virgin – because when you wash or wet it – it releases colour (a dark brown), when I tried to dye it the colour wouldn’t lift even a little bit (reminiscent of when you try to dye your dyed jet black hair another colour and there’s no budging). It arrives in bundles tied with elastic -_- . Otherwise – love khairmaxbeauty. My wefts aren’t sealed or cut.

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