Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beauty on a budget

I am a huge fan of make up but I'm not a huge fan of spending a lot of money on make-up.

Here are some of my favorite economical go to products and I purchase them from my local CVS.

 dream matte mousse by Maybelline $9.49. I use the carmel dark 2 for my t zone and the cocoa dark 3 for the rest of my face. This gives my face a great contoured and natural look. I learned this tip from my favorite Master Makeup Artist and second mom Yvonne Wallace of Face Canvas Makeup Artistry.

Maybelline Foundation Caramel Dark 2Maybelline Foundation Cocoa Dark 3
Revlon powder blush $9.99. I used to never use blush because I thought it was unnecessary but once I saw the glow that it added to my face. I'm a huge fan. You can find great blushes in lots of colors. Don't be afraid to play around with colors.
Revlon Powder Blush With Pop-Up Mirror 1707-06 Wine With Everything

Wet N' Wild Lipstick $2.99. I am so completely in love with this lipstick. It gives a  beautiful matte finish so I can add whatever gloss I like (I usually don't add lipgloss unless I'm going out). The colors are great and it lasts for a decent amount of time. I have like 3 of these in my car and 2 in my purse..lol

Wet N' Wild Lipstick Stoplight Red 911DWet N' Wild Lipstick Cherry Bomb 918D

Milani Eye Pencil True Black $4.49. Okay this is my absolute favorite. I have literally had this SAME pencil for 3 years and it's still going strong (almost gone). This eye pencil goes on smooth and flawlessly.

Milani Eye Pencil True Black

Covergirl Definition + Volume Mascara $7.99.. This is a great mascara that adds volume, and doesn't clump your lashes.

Covergirl Definition + Volume Mascara Black 105
I have quite a few other products that I use but these are used in my every day regimen. What are some of your favorite beauty products?


  1. I always use powder foundation, because I'm scared that the liquid will activate acne! Silly I know but I never thought about the mousse. Maybe I'll try it...

    E. Louise

  2. LOL. I don't think what you're saying is silly because I feel the same way. Liquid foundation feels so heavy on my face and it just seems like it clogs the pores more..lol. I used to wear powder before I tried the mousse but now I'm hooked on the mouse.. it's wonderful and I highly recommend that you try it.


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