Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to Create an Outfit with Outerwear

How many times do we pay attention to what we are wearing before we head out the door? We create outfits, ensembles, or visual works of art with our clothing. What happens if we apply the same idea to outerwear? We can use bold colors, pattern, textures, different types of material, to create the same effect with outerwear. In climates like, Cleveland and Chicago, we wear coats or jackets five to six months out of the year, and allow outerwear to express who we are as a person. I'm going to show you how to create an outfit with outerwear at two price points, moderate and high end.

I have this dream of walking into Saks and buying whatever I see in my sight. So this look is my fantasy, it exudes personality with classic and trendy pieces. Let's start this dream.

The coat is the foundation to building an outerwear outfit. Find something that has a feminine detailing but is warm and be used for than one fashion season. This gorgeous ruffled short coat is a great play on a classic piece with the double breast and the ruffle adds the feminine detailing and strong military look with the buttons. The coat, found at style number 108937 for $169.95, in three colors, is fully lined on the inside.

When looking for a boot, the choices are endless and so very personal. They need to be comfortable and versatile to get through cold weather. Both boots can be found at local Saks Fifth Avenue stores, depending if you want trendy or classic boot. Choice one, is a gorgeous tile high platform ankle boot by Gucci, a great classic boot. It's available in two colors, tan or black, for $625.99, style 0440933477201. Choice two, a trendy lace and patent leather ankle boot by Bottega Veneta for $622.99.

One of the hottest trends in handbags this year is the color persimmon and tangerine and big slouchy bags. This beautiful bag, Skorpios Ring Tote, Michael Kors, can be found at It's available in three colors for $995.00, style 31T1GSKT2L. The bag adds color and visual interest to any coat with the woven tan handle detailing with gold hardware.

A scarf is a quick and easy way to introduce texture and print to your outwear outfit. It also will keep your neck and head warm against those brisk winds. Once again, there are two choices, a classic and trendy look. The first look, a trendy and colorful scarf, introduces whim to your outfit. Both choices can be found at The trendy Bindya Fairy Scarf is available for $150.00, style 0408750294494. Choice two, a classic scarf, is a great choice in 5 bright solid colors. The rectangular scarf by Chan Luu is available for $125.00, style number 040846676853.

Stay tune for part two, where we will continue to explore options for moms and bargain lovers!


  1. That blue scarf is such a beautiful and vibrant shade. I love scarves (the textures, colors and prints) but I always feel ridiculous wearing them! I don't know how to knot them where it looks effortlessly chic. =o(

    With Class & Sass,

  2. I just got a scarf for christmas that's vibrant blue and I love it. I watched a video about how to tie scarves.. maybe I'll watch it again and take some photos of me trying different knots!


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