Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just do it...NOW!!!

Why is it so hard to make decisions?  We all know when we need to make changes.  I for one am at that a point when decisions and change are not only necessary but required.

Last week, I spoke about Living Outrageously in 2012.  For some, that may have seemed like a fluff piece but I assure you it was not.  In Living Outrageously, its more than just positive thinking, its about making radical decisions.

So what led me to this?  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I was no longer comfortable with making excuses for why I was always complaining.

So here goes my 5 necessary changes for 2012:

1.  Give up the ghost and let the man go.  He wasn't good for me and I knew it but I kept going back hoping he would treat me with the respect I deserved.  I should have been upfront in telling him what I was and was not going to tolerate in our relationship and if he didn't want to act accordingly, BOUNCE!!!  Never look back and never think twice.

2.  It's time to look at friends and family in a new light.  If they are supportive, loving and kind, I will keep them close and lean on them in good and bad times.  If they are using, abusing and mistreating me, I am letting them go and keep moving forward.

3.  I will never accept a dead-end job no matter how much money it pays.  I know that we are in a recession and things are tight but I cannot work at a job that leads me to a place of losing my self-respect.  That means no document review or the like.

4.  Ask for what I want and have the courage to accept the answer that comes my way.  Its time to be a BIG GIRL and ask for any and all that I want without fear.

5.  I am living life on my terms this year and that means accepting the consequences that come with that.  The fact that people don't understand my decisions is of no consequence to me.  A lot of the greats were misunderstood until they made it BIG.  That will be the same with me.

We all know that change is hard but at times, necessary.  I say make a list of the things that you know DEFINITELY need to change and just do it.  Know that change will not always feel good or make you happy in the short run but if you want lasting success, you have to be willing to do what needs to be done.  Keep going and like Nike says, "just do it!!!"  I say NOW is the perfect time!!!

What are your changes you want to make?  Go BIG or Go HOME!!!

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