Thursday, February 23, 2012

Does the plus industry want too much?

I'm sure you've heard it. We always seem to be ranting or raving over some designer that doesn't make clothes in our size, some model that has lost too much weight, or how a plus designer doesn't use plus models that are "big enough". It's as if we want the fashion industry to become this utopian society that it will just never be, it's fashion.

I get it, we don't have to accept certain things from fashion and we should definitely fight for the mainstream market to be inclusive of all shapes and sizes. We also don't want our children growing up with negative body images.

But am I the only one that's noticing that we are getting a bit whiny? We are becoming that stereotypical "angry fat woman" that's mad at the world over everything. If a designer doesn't carry over a size 10 we are PISSED and we're writing about it in the attempt to cause an uproar. Never mind the fact, that we now have some absolutely amazing designers and boutiques that don't supply or carry clothing below a size 12. I've had my smaller friends want an outfit or item that I'm wearing and I've had to break the bad news to them and tell them that it's made by a plus size designer.

I strongly believe that if we continue the rants and rampages we are going to be easily ignored and written off by most designers. I don't think that a full on attack is going to make anyone want to use the extra fabric to create clothing for us, especially designers that are already filthy rich. Furthermore, do we really want to wear a designer's clothes that doesn't want us in them? I don't.

Yes we matter but there are other size populations that matter also. The whole point is body acceptance, and hopefully we can become more accepting as well.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

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