Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Favourite Heat Protectant

Has to be this!:
Lee Stafford Heat Protection Professional Straightening Mist 200ml and it costs a little more than the You Tube Favourite at £7.19 (so I buy the mini bottles which are like £2 and one has lasted me 3 months)
Now everyone on You Tube Raves about TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray (£4.99 from Boots)–but I picked this up as I didn’t like the sizzle and stiff effect I was getting with tresemme due to it being very wet.

This smells nice – goes on lovely – and I get no sizzle on contact with my hair straighteners. I used this on my Peruvian (weave) hair as well as my own relaxed hair. And it works perfectly on both. I am also more likely to get “first pass” bone straight results with the lee Stafford product.

I have to say – please don’t flat iron your hair too often!! Once a week is enough and if you can go without it for a month – please do; if you’re trying to grow your hair. If you’re maintaining a length once you don’t over do it – flat ironing can be “corrected” with the correct moisture conditioning and maintenance!

Heat protectants do help to avoid some of the dryness and breakage you get from using heat tools and hair dryers. The way to make the Tresemme one work is to use it before a blow dry and then just flat iron straight. I like to use a protectant before the blow dry and then again before I hit the tongs hence my use of the Lee Stafford stuff.

Disclaimer: Bought all the above with my own mullah – none have been given / gifted or sent for review.

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