Wednesday, February 8, 2012


After some research – 5 tips for your hair (before the background to this post).

  1. Wash or Co-Wash it as often as your hair can stand to be washed. Cleanliness is usually considered close to godliness and it’ll also give you some lush goddess type hair ;-).
  2. Use Castor Oil (Or Jamaican Black Castor Oil) on your scalp – daily if you can cope with it. (if you’re aiming for growth)
  3. Alternating Hot oil treatments  (moisture) with protein (strength and thickness) treatments is a good look – but no more than twice a month for both and for no longer than say 4 months.
  4. Just to name drop some more natural things that will help sustain or grow your hair! :Red Cayenne Pepper, Black Tea, Avocado Oil < Enfuse them together!
  5. Try to keep it natural – not your hair necessarily but the products that you use, so that you don’t end up loading up on protein or moisture without realising it.
I’ve never actively done anything to grow my hair before, I had always had “long”ish hair and everyone who remembers me from University remembers me for my long hair. I went on a bit of a spree shortly after I graduated from ’08 til 10’ where I was cutting my hair into lots and lots of short, short styles!!

In October 10’ my then stylist cut it wrong, it was– shorter than I was comfortable with and very, very blonde (blonder than before).

I started to wear instant weaves – which I loved but needed something that would be a little more permanent and for which I didn’t need a new one every month.

Then weave – I became a bit of an expert (as per some of my previous posts) and worked my way up to Virgin Peruvian hair from Premium Now / Milky Way and via Indian Remi. Until, my amazing weaveologist – made a mistake!

So I’m back to my “own” hair. I don’t think this is a hair journey – I have no intention of becoming obsessed with my hair. I also have no intention of going natural. If there were any such journey to discuss it would be the one that begun when I was 5 and became aware of my hair in the first place and all the colours, tongs, relaxers, weaves and products it’s seen in 20 years.

I’m just trying to grow my hair “back” and make it look like this is totally deliberate ;-) and I’m going to share my experience  - hints and tips with you! (P.S My hair is relaxed)

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