Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trey Songz in Concert

OK so I know I'm a few days late but its been a busy weekend. The Trey Songz- Anticipation 2our concert that was in Cincinnati, was beyond amazing. I have never been to a concert before. I have been out to comedy shows and other events but never a music concert. First let me say the Aronoff Center was the perfect place for a concert, every seat is a good seat, and the sound in the center is great. Big Sean is touring with trey and I wasn't a big fan of his before but I am now. He gave a great performance definately giving the ladies what we were looking for. Plenty of abs showing and grinding. Then came Trey..looking casket sharp in his tux jacket, sun glasses and fresh fade. What I loved most was that he really sang! Most artists put so much effort in the dancing they are lip syncing the majority of the show or winded halfway through the song. Trey SANG you hear me? No back ground tracks he sang! It was an over all great show yes he took his shirt off and all his sweaty, glistening abs were showing and it was heaven. I will be in attendance the next time he comes to the nasty Nati, first row! Below are pics and up top is a video. Enjoy, and if you can still get tickets when he comes to your city, I suggest you do so, its worth it! 

I got so caught up in Trey I forgot to tell you what I wore! So my sister actually found these shoes and she hadnt even worn them yet but I begged her to let me break them in. Purple is my favorite color and  the peacock design on these was so gorgeous I had to rock em! I wore these with a pair of black trouser pants from Torrids the long leg and flair made me look taller and leaner. I also have a purple shirt that I got from Walmart a long time ago but its a great fit and its purple so thats enough for me lol

this is trey and big sean doing a remix together.
eventually the shirt came was sexy either way

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