Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashion Fridays - July 1, 2011

While most other retailers in the U.S. are downsizing, one very popular, well-known store is expanding.  This store is none other than the glorious Forever 21.

The trendy retailer has opened new stores, as well as expanded existing ones.  The store's success is no surprise:  they provide trendy, (dirt) cheap fashion in mass quantities, and their inventory is constantly changing.  The downside?  Most of their pieces wouldn't have fit me in kindergarten.

What I've discovered recently, however, is their new (to me, at least) plus size line, which is still fabulous and affordable, but also fits.  Unfortunately the items are only sold online for the time being, but if you order a decent amount from the site, shipping is free (and totally worth it)!  There are also coupons every once and awhile, and you can find them on sites like my fave,, whose Forever 21 page can be found here.

While you're checking out the clothes, don't miss the accessories and shoes.  Just like their clothing, Forever's jewelry and shoes are always on point, and their prices are too good to resist.  I've included some pictures of my favorite summer items from the site, but there are plenty more to choose from!

As always, happy shopping!

Striped Sweetheart Dress, $22.80
You may have heard the whole "don't wear horizontal stripes" thing before--totally wrong.  If the fit is right, you'll look fantastic.  I love the neckline of this dress and I love how versatile it is.  Wear it in the summer with some colored heels, wear it in the winter with a blazer.  Endless possibilities, and for $22.80?  Can't. Be. Beat.

Embellished Peekaboo Top, $24.80
Flouncy enough to be comfortable, but with a defined waist, you'll still be looking fab.  Plus, the color is crazy gorgeous.

Fab Skinny Jeans (in varying lengths), $13.50 (!!!)
Every girl needs some skinny jeans, and the fact that these come in short and regular lengths is fantastic.  And, hello! The price. Awesome.
Leopard Cone Heels, $22.80
A great way to make a basic tee and those brand new skinny jeans look like an adorable outfit.  Plus, you get the fancy feeling of a heel without the stiletto pain.

Tribal Beaded Necklace, $9.80
Bold enough to be a statement piece, but simple enough that you'll be able to wear it with everything.

Have you ever bought anything from Forever 21+? Have any questions for us?  Let us know and happy holiday weekend!


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  1. OOh - When I was in the states Forever 21's had a Faith 21 part which was the plus line - but they were definitely in the stores (and this was May 2010) x


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