Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Open Love Letter To Full Figured Women

We received this open love letter to Full Figured Women from Dele Adams. Not only is it beautifully written but it pulled on our heart strings! These are points that Full Figured Women sometimes need to be reminded of. Thank You Dele! We love you right back! :
From: Men
To: Full Figured Women

Re: Love

Dear Goddess,

We love you. We always have and we always will. But we just don't know how to tell you. You know we are watching you from afar, our stares penetrating through the mess of everyday life for that brief moment when we lock eyes. You can tell we've had you on our minds when you waltz through the mental drool of our fantasies left in your wake.

We've admired you through the annals of history as we carved your figure in soapstone and jade, in rock and wood. We’ve fumbled with our clumsy hands to capture your likeness in paint and fresco. Botticelli came close, the Inca's closer and the Africans just missed the mark.

We ache to touch you today, secretly lusting after you in your earthly forms of Queen Latifa, Amber Davis and many others. We crave caressing your bosom with our lips and seek to trail our fingers around your waist. Your silken touch commands our deepest respect. Your love quenches all of our thirsts. Your eyes lock ours so deeply so as not to see any other. 

Never let the faithless world of today take away the power you have always held over us. Remind us that you are Mother Earth given mortal form. Take us and deliver us from manufactured 'beauty' and thinned down wisps of womanhood that have become the accepted norm. Make us love you again, the way we used to. 

Goddess, Full Figured and Bright,
We Love You.

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Ohhh Well done Dele!! There should be more men happy to openly declare such love. Here is another Open Letter to the ladys "worth their weight" (in the words of Rubenesq): http://mrohyes.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/letter-to-the-bigger-lady/


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