Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Matter What They Say

I grew up in a west-indian house hold and amongst people who spoke to my weight instead of me – I grew up thinking that people saw my size before anything else and became not just paranoid about it but doubts about my appearance and intelligence thereof would be a part of my every day existence.

I don’t often find myself quoting lil kim but “no matter what people sayin’ we got it going on” And I truly believe that now. It took an adult me to change my mind though. I positively affirm myself on a daily basis and ensure that I take the best care of my appearance because I like to look and feel  good.

So even when like yesterday an obnoxious member of the opposite sex shouted “BOOTAY” at me in front of my waifly colleagues – I didn’t even have a flicker of shame nor anger  - I ignored it like the ignorant fool he showed himself to be.

To me – it ceases to matter – I’ve had women come up to me tell me I’m a stunner and then ask whether I’d “considered losing the weight because I’m so beautiful”. I found myself offering an excuse but I wish I had the gall back then to tell her – what I thought of her.

Now I’ve gotten past absorbing the comments that people say out of jealousy (people you thought were friends) or shame (from men you’ve just rejected). I only tend to remember the people over the years that compliment me on my personality as well as my looks and figure with no negative follow up comment – because they are genuinely happy with themselves and don’t have the need to bring others down. Take the time to give those people the admiration they deserve they’ve come a long way! 


  1. I totally agree with you, i'm offended by people who believe it's their right in this world to tell you , you'd be a stunner, if you'd only lose a lil weight or men whose sole reason for speaking to you is bcause you are plus size and they are "chubby chasers" i have alot more to offer than just my size, and what the heck is going to happen to our relationship if i ever decide that i want to lose the weight,will he leave me because i'm now not "plump, chubby, thick or fat anymore???" whatever happened to "loving someone for who they are,judging them by the content of their character" and not their dress size??
    I've decided nobody can love me like i can, i love me for me, i embrace every curve and i love my boobs, i've got one life to live and i don't intend to let the chubby chasers or nay-sayers of this world dictate how i live it.


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