Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fat and Angry

Tanya Gold 

So I'd like to address the general idea that all fat people are angry.

 We aren't - in fact I'm pretty chilled out. A column by Tanya Gold in the Stylist Magazine - suggests fat women are angry because we actually have real things to think about.

Ok perhaps I can't fault that, "reason" per se, but I generally disagree with some of the other comments in the article (on page 19) like "Can fat girls and thin girls ever be friends?"(the title of the piece) - actually most of my friends are slim or male - and I'm just the glam one!

However I wonder if the fact that we've been taunted, feel we aren't taken seriously have felt rejection- has meant we walk around with a stern look on, our business face ... Our "I'll feck u up if u mess" face. As a kind of barrier...

So perhaps the first thing to do to dispel this myth is smiling more (you'd be surprised at the reaction, and more people even in big cities do it than you think!!)

A second point from Tanya- fat women are generally good in bed (yea probably), because we see men as yet more food? (Erm... no- generally I'm the one who likes to be eaten).

Smut aside - what does the  NAAFA mean to you? I'm slightly perturbed by its message. "Fat acceptance"? I don't think we need a kind of society to tell people off for telling fat jokes.

People are "teased" and persecuted for all kinds of reasons, religion, race, colour (skin or hair), hair type, weight, smoking or drinking habits (not so much), taste in clothes, why not go for People acceptance?

We should be practising ourselves to be more accepting of all differences, so what if someone has back acne, braces or ginger hair (according to south park "gingers" don't have souls) if they wear that with pride and confidence - who are you to comment or decide they shouldn't be? In fact we should be looking for reasons to compliment every single person we meet. Imagine the happiness in the world then!I need for people to see me for who I am, as a whole and to be able to look past my weight (maybe that's "acceptance") but also to look past my skin colour, my height, and age.

How about Cake Appreciation... Now that's a campaign I can get down with ;-)

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