Thursday, August 4, 2011

I need to invest in some Wide Waist Belt(s)

I find it difficult to find ones I like - I thought I'd show case the nice ones I come across - I'll come back and add to this post which ones I end up buying!!
Perfect for creating or enhancing your waist and a complimentary accessory for most shapes.

Forever 21 + (UK):

£7.40, £6.65 and £4.80
Up to size 3X
I love the clasp of the first, the belt of the second
 and the design of the third!

Navabi: Di Cintura and NoN Leather belts - 

£55.90 and £45.90
Second isn't a waist  belt but so stylish I had to post
Up to size 50 (a 40-50 inch waist)
Very; I absolutely love this belt and its nice that its not black: 
£15 up to a size US 22/XL
I checked Curvessa, Simply Be and Evans too - but these are the only ones I liked. Let me know if you find anything stylish and beautiful.

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