Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bigger Can Mean Healthier

I work in a doctors office so I am very familiar with the mold that society wants us all to fit into. This is the mold that says when you are 5'3" tall you have to weight 135 pounds other wise you are considered obese or over weight. Its the mold that wants us all to fit into a box of what healthy is. The truth is, if we were all supposed to look a certain way, I BELIEVE God would have created 1 perfect being and we would all be clones of that. Tall stick figured thin replicas of one another. However, our reality is, we are not all meant to look one way.

I know some big people (not just women) used the excuse. "I'm not big I'm just big boned" (Nia Long made that line famous in Friday when she tried to hook smokey up with Freddy Jackson--I mean Rita) The truth is there are some people that have bigger bones. Now I realize that the bone only makes up a part of what we see, there is muscle and fat and tissue that goes on top of the bone that contributes to the other part. Its up to us to keep everything on top of the bone healthy. However you can see the difference in our bone structure all over. One person might have shapelier thighs than another, or curvier or wider hips than another person. There are some people who really are just big boned.

The reasons why I say bigger can be healthier, is number one majority of thinner women have a hard time carrying children. I'm not saying you have to be over weight to successfully carry a child. There are a lot of things that factor into people having mis carriages versus people who carry a child to term. Some bigger people mis carry as well. What I am saying is there are lots of cases where a woman is too thin and the physical (not to mention emotional) pressures of carrying and nurturing a child-a life inside you for 9 months is too much for their thinner frames. I know quite a few women who had to be placed on a diet to get their weight up before they could try again for a baby. The majority of them were naturally small women, but their bodies weren't strong enough to bear all the central weight in their abdomen it was unbalanced. It made for a very complicated and painful experience. I understand why doctors want a pregnant woman to be at a "healthy" weight pre pregnancy, it comes off faster and overall its healthier for you and the baby. However, anyone determined to lose the weight will lose it no matter how much they weighed before the baby and how big they get during the pregnancy. I was, by doctors standards "over weight" with both of my children, and I had 2 c-sections not because of my weight, but because my pelvic bone is too small and there was no way they would have fit through the birth canal. Both of my pregnancies were normal with out complications and I delivered two healthy children. They were also both pretty much pain free. I think I got off easy in that department, I have never had contractions or never felt a labor pain. It was awesome.

Another reason why bigger may be healthier- the weather. Living in a place that gets below zero temps in the winter time ( that's before the wind chill is factored in) obviously the more weight you have the warmer you stay. With the global warming issues and crazy weather patterns we have been experiencing, summers have been ridiculously hot and winters have been even colder. Weight is like insulation. Its a lot easier to stay warmer when you have meat on your bones, versus if we were all a size 2-4 like society wants us all to be. I know if I was ever stranded out in a snow storm with one person and a blanket I want the biggest, chunkiest person I can find to curl up with!

Last reason why bigger can be healthier or in this case better- sex :) *I promise not to get too xrated* You've heard the phrase "more cushion for the pushin" I took the liberty of taking a poll and nobody wants to get busy with a bone. When bones are doing more poking and stabbing than he is, its a problem. Trust me ladies they really don't care what you look like once the lights are off, its more of a feeling than a visual act. He wants something warm, soft and full to grab on to, caress and kiss on. Plus if done the right way sex is great exercise. ;)

I'm not saying stop trying to be healthy. I'm simply saying take more power in your definition of healthy and stop giving stereotypes and what others deam healthy so much power over YOUR life. If you feel beautiful in a size 8 then wear it, even though your "healthy weight" should be 30 pounds less. A few pounds do make a difference but it works both ways. I have seen a lot of celebrity pictures where they look nice and healthy at 125 pounds, and according to Hollywood that's heavy, but they get down to 110 and look sick and frail. Love your healthy we still need exercise and we need to control what we eat, but in the mean time, we still need to live, love and be happy.

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