Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Friday- The Best Part About Fall

In addition to Pumpkin Spice Lattes, fall also brings an opportunity for new boots and coats.

Much like accessories, a coat on top of an already fabulous outfit can make you look like the coolest chick on the block.  In the same way, a great pair of boots can make you look comfortable and stylish even when the weather is anything but glamorous.  The same key points (fit, style, and price) are all still important for coats and boots, but I also like a little extra personality or pop in these items because when the weather's really bad, the only thing your admirers may see is your outerwear! Be bold with the styling, but also make sure your winterwear still keeps you warm/dry.  Also, don't be afraid to splurge a little.  Chances are you'll wear this stuff almost every day for at least three solid months, so quality is important.  Here are a few of my favorite styles for the upcoming cold fronts:


 A classic shape with just enough of a feminine twist. $99.90

 Your not-so-basic black jacket.  I love the super chic play on textures.  $109

Sometimes it's so damn cold that you need a quilted jacket.  The belt on this one eliminates the human marshmallow effect and the color is gorgeous! $69.60

If you don't know my love of all things animal print by now, you haven't been reading carefully.  This is zebra AND keeps you warm and dry?  I'm sold. $79.90

Okay, I know I said be practical.  But how awesome is this jacket?! You'll definitely turn heads :) $47.80
How cool are these?? Not your basic boots, that's for sure! $33.30

These have that furry, cozy look but are still ultra feminine. $68.50

The over-the-knee look gives a little badass edge, but the low heel keeps it comfortable. $49.00

Love the little bow! $129.95

Goes with black AND brown. Awesome. $189.00

Do you have any go-to boots or coats that you love and make keep you looking gorg during the colder months?  Any great deals on boots and coats?  Let us know!

As always, happy shopping!

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