Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday- Trick or Treat

Some people my age (*cough* twentysomething *cough*) think they're too grown up for Halloween. I, however, hope to remain a child forever.  Halloween is about dressing up in crazy costumes and eating way too much candy, so who could resist?  The hard part, though, can be finding a costume that fits, whether you're going to a sexy look, a funny look, or something in-between.  Here are some of my favorite costumes for us curvy girls.  Check them out and enjoy your inner child!

 Flight Attendant Costume, $67.50
Isn't this cute??? It definitely has a sexy vibe but is anything but trashy.  The seaming around the bustline is also super flattering.  And the hat!

Greek Goddess Costume, $35.50
If you want people to say, "She looks GORGEOUS," this is the costume for you.  It's so etherial and although there is a lot of pretty drapery, that also leaves lots of room for you to get down with your bad self and dance.  And the price is oh so right.
 Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume, $47.23
If you have amazing legs (and you know you do), this would be a great option.  Shows a little bit of skin and a lot of personality.  
 Ketchup Costume, $30.29
If you're like me and think you are just hilarious, this is a great costume for you.  Dress your bestie or your bf up as mustard (or a hotdog?) and have an awesome time making people laugh.
 Zombie Prom Queen Costume, $67.50
If you're looking for a scary costume (since it is Halloween and all) but don't want to get looks like Lindsay Lohan in the party scene in Mean Girls, this is a happy medium between cute and creepy.
The most important part about Halloween is having fun, so go out and have some!  Throw a party, go out to a local bar, or stay home and have a scary movie marathon.  But whatever you do, enjoy it!
 Fashion got you down?  Send me your questions!

As always, happy shopping!

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