Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maybe I spend too much time on youtube...

Not a happy "nappy" Natural
I've noticed on the weight loss channels (don't worry I'm not) amongst black ladies-alot of women are on a natural hair journey too.

I'm perturbed by the notion that the route to be a better more self accepted you - includes natural hair. 

I fully advocate wearing whatever we like. 

I pray when I go shopping "lord, if you don't want me to have this - don't let me see it in my size".

Why do people feel it necessary to preach at people stuff that they haven't a clue about ... "I want healthy hair", "you have heat damage", "relaxers are bad" ... **Newsflash**: hair is dead, dude.

There are people out there condemning the use of weaves  (even when braids, twists and plaits with extensions are still not your natural hair) and the relaxers out there (when blow drying it, colouring and pressing your hair isn't natural either).

Who Jessica?
She loves weave so much 

she's got her own line!

At the end of the day - your hair is your crowning glory, women LOVE to experiment with their hair! Men want to say they won't date women with weave... Yea? I don't date men with no BALLS -_-.

No other "race" believes that hair experimentation dilutes the real person (very few people are even rocking their natural hair colour in the western world).

What ever journey you're on, I urge you to take the opportunity to figure out what you want and what you like. Burn the WWJD (that's Jane not Jesus) bracelet.

Be self respecting, self sufficient and self accepting/appreciating.

If natural is your look - great!!! Don't tell me nutthin about my weave. I love my natural hair- its thick manageable and grows fast, its that I like the diva look and dislike that my style is affected by a work out at the gym - I can't be washing and pressing my hair 4 times a week!

Wear what makes you feel good. If you're a man and you want to wear a pink tutu - great! Submit an outfit of the day so we can all see :)


  1. I have been natural for exactly one year today and I have a YouTube channel regarding my journey. I agree with you! There are some naturals that I call natural hair natzi's. Do what you feel with your hair! I am natural and my sister is not and we were together at an event and some other naturals were saying you need to bring her over to the natural side. I was like uhh no it's her hair and her choice just like mine is mine. For me, right now I am completely natural - no color, no heat nothing. But that is not to say that won't change! Lol! Good article!!


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