Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion Friday - Fall Trends to Try (and Trash)

This Fall/Winter season is the most trend-ridden season I can remember.  I say that with a bit of disdain because while I embrace trends in moderation, some looks are just...well...too trend-y.  My recommendation to look stylish AND effortless (and who doesn't want that?) is to mix classic pieces with well-placed trendy ones. The ultimate rule in fashion is fit, and as a curvy girl, that can be a bit of a challenge. Here's a few of the most standout trends that can work for you, and some that may be better left for the end-of-season clearance racks.

1) Snake Print - Do.

This trend is an easy one to jump on board with.  From bags to belts--even headbands--snakeskin print will be everywhere this season.  It's super easy to pick up a snake print belt or headband on the cheap to update your wardrobe basics (remember that classics + trend theory) so you look hot without trying too hard.  Just stick to one snake print piece per outfit to avoid looking like a crazy lady.

Coconuts Women's 'Oliver' Snake Print Wedge Sandals $17.99 (!)

2) Red - Do.

Red will also be everywhere this fall.  Think you can't wear red?  Wrong.  However, not everyone can wear every red.  You need to figure out whether you have cool or warm undertones.  Magazines say this all the time and you may find yourself saying, "How the hell am I supposed to figure out if this is warm or cool? Looks like red to me." Here's the deal: to find out if you are better suited in warm or cool tones, hold up gold and silver jewelry to your skin.  What seems to flatter you more?  If it's gold, you have warm undertones.  If it's silver, you have cool undertones.  If you look fabulous in both, you're awesome.  You can use the same trick with clothes.  If you're in a store and you can't figure out if the hue of your sweater is right for you, hold it up to gold or silver.  Or avoid all of this and buy a red bag like the one below and BAM, you're done :)

Fossil Lyla Crossbody, $74.50

3) Maxi/Midi Skirts - Don't*

This one is hard.  I know they're everywhere.  And I do think maxi skirts can look okay on certain people at certain times in combination with certain pieces.  However, they are so difficult to pull off and are such a trendy trend that my best advice is to just stay away from them.  Midi skirts, (a-line skirts that hit around the mid-calf)  however, are a recipe for dowdiness.  I'm sorry if you love them, but they don't flatter anyone, and you will look like a grandma if you wear one.  However, my remedy for my for these two trends is their cooler, more sophisticated sister, the maxi dress.  My main issue with the maxi skirt is that it's hard to create the right proportion, especially for a curvy girl.  A maxi dress, however, can leave you looking tall and perfectly hourglasstastic as long as it has a defined waist (or you define one with a belt or jacket).  The best part is that you can still wear these now in the horrendous heat, and can layer a great leather jacket or sweater over them as the temperatures drop.  I recommend one in a neutral, simple cut so that you don't get the "Oh that dress again" look from your friends/coworkers/admirers.

Black Kimono Maxi Dress (Whose Sleeves I'm Obsessed With), $43.50

4) Wide Leg Everything - DO.

We all love our skinny jeans, but the retro feel of the season has brought us back to the wide leg jeans of yesteryear.  The best part about these babies?  They flatter everyone.  So much so that I wear them no matter if they're on trend in any given season or not.  Wear this silhouette to work with some wide leg trousers, or out at night with some wide leg jeans.  A lot of these pants will also be cut with a higher waist which is even MORE awesome because it acts as a control top.  Tuck your shirt into these bad boys with a skinny belt for extra brownie points.

Shape fx Push Up Wide Leg Control Jeans, $39.00-$49.00

5) Mad Men Retro Shapes - Do, do, do a million times do.

I don't know if this trend came about because of Mad Men, or if the world just caught on to how flattering 60s-era clothing is, but the silhouettes from this show/period are fabulous for all shapes, especially curvy girls.  I am super partial to these styles because they are classic, focus on flattering the waist, and are ultra-feminine.  You will see these shapes all over the place, but my favorite picks are from H&M, Banana Republic (who has a Mad Men collection), and Torrid.
Stop Staring! - Tiffany Black Full Dress, $90.38

 **Special note:  This edition of Fashion Friday is very Torrid-heavy because a) Torrid is amazing, and b) They're having a 25% off of everything sale online only so *ahem* GET YOU SOME!

 Ultimately, these trends are all about what you feel comfortable and confident in.  If you don't love it and it doesn't make you feel fabulous, put on something that does!  Need help incorporating one of your new purchases into your wardrobe?  Did you come across a trend that you're unsure about?  Contact us! As always, happy shopping and have an amazing holiday weekend!


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