Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MTV SHOW REVIEW: "Chelsea Settles" doesn't settle anymore

Chelsea Settles is a bubbly recent college grad living in a small town outside of Pittsburgh. This show starts out with a very real view of Chelsea. You can feel her insecurities through the screen. Her weight is obviously an issue for her, when asked what her passion is she says

“Kim Kardashian… well it is obvious what my first passion is”. 

She later on goes to reveal that she’s over 300 pounds. She’s also in a very unhealthy relationship.

So we will be watching her journey to a healthier self and a big move to LA to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Many people will be upset about this depiction of full figured women. However, I’m not upset at all, because I think that this accurately portrays some women’s experiences. The beauty of it is that she doesn’t stay in a rut.
Seeing her mental transformation in just the first episode is amazing.

“I’m the one who decides, what I can and cannot do”

Chelsea has a lot of highs and lows during this episode but she ultimately does what’s best for her even though she’s nervous. So we have the pleasure of watching Chelsea “rewrite” her story.
This show is highly recommended, Chelsea is a very inspiring young lady and we are going to learn a lot from her.

Thumbs Up!! 

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