Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ask men out!

Look in to my eyes sugar .... ;-)
I've been readin a lot of books, attending a couple seminars - I've dabbled in theorism too (yea I'm born activist baby).

As I'm single a few have been about "dating" - now I've come to the conclusion... (And I love to present my ideas "scientifically" so watch for the quotes and references) that we ... Ladies... Should approach the men we want...
Why?! I hear you cry... Well I'm about to give you 3 tips for this little action point.

1. Be impeccable with your word - I'll delve further into what this means in another post, but you know how gooood it feels to be complimented... Do that for men and watch the reaction! They are incredibly grateful. And its very worth it...(Not many women or parents do this - and if it does inflate their heads you know to run for the hills early). Make the compliment something of substance and non sexual  "That is a really nice jumper :D" (taste compliment), "you've got such deep eyes" (eyeballs aren't sexy)
2. Men appreciate more than just a subtle sign - I didn't say go out select (your man) and eat (him for)  breakfast... I said... Feel free to talk to them first... If you're any where near as confident and independent as you seem - they'll be lost for the correct way to approach you. Many very good men are just too scared to approach such hot tamale.
3. Ask him for a favour - now I'm playing devils advocate by playing both the feminist and chivalry field here (chivalry should be dead - my sex is not for sale) but according to a man, men like "saving" us... Now ... Think simple... Think "can you do me a massive favour... just hold this for me for a second" ok so studies have proven that we like people we do favours for ... So then after you take back whatever you've an excuse to keep him talking... "So how's your night anyway?" "Who are you here with hope I haven't kept you too long" or even braver "ok, now, would you like a drink for your valiant contribution to my life?"...

Let me know how it goes ladies ;-) xxxx

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