Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria who? Hips and Curves coming through!
Karemen Pedaru's look combines a gown, undies and a parasol.Don't get me wrong. The Victoria's Secret fashion show is always very entertaining. The women look like they're having so much fun on the stage and the excitement comes right through the screen and I feel it too. The styling is amazing and they transport us to another dimension of whimsical fantasy.

But what are fashion shows for? They are provided to sell products. It's very obvious that I wasn't their customer base from what was strutting down the runway. There wasn't even a size 6 on the stage (or a four for that matter). It's hard sometimes for me to stay excited during shows where I just don't feel included.

However, this did inspire me to go to one of my favorite places to purchase lingerie and that's at Hips and Curves. They have all of the full figured diva's in mind. Let's take a look at some of my favorite items from their wide range of selections.

Satin Tux Strapless Corset
Satin Tux Strapless Corset $45.50
Looking for the perfect gift? Give him you! All wrapped up with a bow to seal the deal. This gorgeous Satin Tux Strapless Corset has venice lace trim along the top, a zipper closure in the front, lace-up back, and (last but not least) a waist slimming black ribbon tie. Corset comes with removable, adjustable garters and a matching g-string

Boyshorts With Garters
Boy Shorts with Garters $9.95
Hook up your favorite stockings to these sexy boyshorts! These microfiber and Spandex boyshorts have four detachable garters. You can choose to hook just the two front garters to your stockings or all four.

Santa's Halter Baby Doll $25.95
Santa's Halter Babydoll.  The perfect remedy to heat up those cold winter nights. Babydoll is made of soft, stretch mesh, and has white marabou trim at the neckline and bottom hem. 
Color Band & Backseam Stockings
Color Band and Back Seam Stockings $5.98
hese opaque black stockings come with something extra, a contrasting color band top and backseam to match.  These opaque stay up thigh highs have silicone grip backing so they can be worn with or without garters.

I really could post my favorites all day but this is just a small part of the selections at Hips and Curves that I adore. They can dress you from head to toe in styles that will be complimentary for your figure. and they have a great sale going on right now. $10 off of 100, $20 off of $150, and $30 off of $200. This is the perfect time to get some lingerie shopping done. 

Happy Shopping ladies and be fierce! 



  1. That's so funny! I literally JUST finished watching the VS Fashion Show. I had recorded it on the dvr. Anyway, I absolutely love that burlesque-y, burgundy number. So haute! Awesome blog! I'll be following dollface! =o)

  2. What is also great about my choice for Plus Size Lingerie is that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the United States and they have an excellent ranking with a A+. As well in the last 36 months they have had one complaint and that was for making a full refund as the customer requested and I would sooner promote a reputable online store than those that have nothing but complaints made about them.


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